Are Open Houses A Waste Of Time Or A Benefit? Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

– So are open houses really worth it? Well, that’s what we’re talking about today and we’re gonna get started right now. Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. I’m Ledeana Strand, with Homes by Strand, and RE/MAX Town and Country in Port Orchard, Washington. If you are interested in everything real estate in Kitsap County, you really should hit that subscribe button down below, and that little bell to be notified when I post my future videos so you don’t miss out on all the cool stuff I cover about Kitsap county. So, are open houses really worth it? Well, I’m gonna give you my personal opinion. When a buyer is starting to do their house hunting at the very beginning, when they say, you know, honey, maybe we should go buy a house. They say, why don’t we go look at houses this weekend and we’ll kind of see what stuff costs. They go around, they look at the various neighborhoods, they get to know, do we like this area? Do we like that area? And they go into these houses just to try to get an idea of what things cost and where they would like to live, and let’s be honest, with the internet now days, buyers are going online to shop for their home, and their home loan like never before. So the buyers coming to their home, are they pre-approved yet? Most of the time, no. So, if they loved your house, would they be able to write an offer? No. I mean they could, they could write an offer. But do you really want to wait five days and take your house off the market to see if they can get financing? Probably not. Instead you want buyers that are already ready, willing and able. They’re ready to buy, they’re willing to buy and they’re able to buy, which is probably the most important of these three points right there. We need to know that they are credit worthy, that they are able to get a mortgage or if they’re paying cash, that the money is readily available. So otherwise, there really is no point. So, does it make sense for you to spend several hours cleaning your house on a Saturday morning and then leave for the whole entire afternoon to come back afterwards and say, so how did the open house go? Well, maybe it went fantastic. Maybe 20 people came through and three of them loved the house and were ready to write an offer, but the majority of the time it’s more like, well we had four or five people come through and two of them really liked the house but they’re not yet pre-approved and they’re not in a position to write an offer, or sometimes it’s just the neighbors who stop by just to be nosy. This actually happens a lot more than you would actually think. So, if the goal is to get serious qualified buyers into your house, those people are already working with a real estate agent and their agent knows that your house is available because we put it on the mls, and then it’s immediately emailed to not only the buyers that are looking for that exact criteria, but also all the other local real estate agents in our area. They know that the house is for sale and if their client wants to see it, they’re just gonna call and make an appointment. So, for me personally, I feel like it’s not really an effective use of your time to hold open house after open house every weekend hoping that the right buyer is gonna come along and find the house. Instead I offer my clients a very proactive marketing campaign on your behalf when I list your house. Trust me if it meets their criteria, they know the house is available, so why do agents like to do open houses? Well, quite simply, it’s to get more buyers, because when those buyers come in and say, oh no, we just started looking, we’re not working with a real estate agent. No, we haven’t gotten pre-approved yet. That’s an opportunity for us to say, I would love to help you. Why don’t you work with me? So, you’re basically doing all this work and honestly being inconvenienced so that the agent holding the open house can get more leads, more buyers, and ultimately more clients. So, open houses can be very successful for the agent that’s holding the open house, but is it a great way to get your house sold? No, in fact, if you look at the statistics from the National Association of Realtors, how many people actually bought their house because they went to an open house and found it? The number is so low it’s practically at the bottom of the list of ways buyers search for homes. Whereas, the statistics show that 90% or more of buyers start their search online. So, instead, spend your marketing dollars doing the things that really get your home in front of other buyers. You want to have videos and great photos on the mls, you want to do marketing campaigns and advertisements where the eyeballs are. That’s really honestly the true key to this. There’s no point in putting an ad in the newspaper if only 10% of your entire city reads the newspaper anymore. You really wanna make sure you’re putting your marketing dollars to the best use possible. And so, when you hire a professional real estate agent, they’re gonna tell you what those things are. Now myself personally, like I said I offer all my clients an online digital marketing strategy that I use to get your home out in front of the masses, and being a RE/MAX agent, your listing is also shown worldwide. Now, there is certainly no harm in doing an open house. You might absolutely get lucky. Somebody might come in, fall in love with the house. Maybe they’re not pre-approved yet, maybe they’ve got great credit. All they have to do is run down to the local bank and they could be pre-approved in a few hours. Who knows? But the chance of that happening is pretty slim. So, if you really wanna do an open house, no harm, no foul. But is that really gonna be the way that you get your house sold? Most likely it’s not. So, for me, I don’t wanna clean my house that frequently. So that’s my personal opinion on open houses, again, it’s an opinion. What is truly gonna make the difference, is how the marketing campaign looks that your agent is doing to market your home. This includes photos, video, its own website, targeted Facebook ads, etc. Doing online marketing to get your home in front of the masses. Because once they see it online, if it looks great, they’re gonna make an appointment to come see it. So, let me know what you think. Drop me a comment down below and tell me what you think of open houses. Have you done them before and did you find them to be successful as far as getting your home sold faster and for more money? Let me know what you think about them. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on the next one. Make it a great home buying and selling day!

Are Open Houses A Waste Of Time or a Benefit? Tips to Help You Sell Your Home
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