Home Staging Tips-How To Sell Your Home Faster

So you’re wanting to sell your home, and you’re wondering, do I need to worry about staging? What does that even mean? We’re going to be discussing that today, and we’re gonna get started right after this.

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So you’ve met with the listing broker and you signed your listing agreement. Now what? Now we’re gonna get your home staged and ready to sell. What does that entail you may ask? Well basically we’re gonna stage your home to appeal to any potential buyers. Now staging statistics show that houses that are staged are selling 73% faster, and for 5% more money than unstaged homes. Staging a home is basically prepping it for sale, enticing a buyer, and to make the home look move-in ready. Now, as mentioned before, staged homes sell 73% faster and for up to five percent more money.

Now most staging techniques primarily focus on the appearance of the home. They want to make the home look more inviting to potential buyers. Some of the items that are typically use our lamps, rugs, art and other fixtures such as couches, dining room tables, or any of the items that make the home look more appealing. Especially if the house is vacant.

Now let’s talk about staged home versus unstaged homes. Some sellers feel that staging a home is more effort than it’s actually worth in the long run. However staging statistics have shown that by staging your home, it helps a buyer more effectively visualize themselves living in that space. Also social media has played a huge role in the staging game. Basically when a buyer goes to buy a house they’re looking for houses that actually match what they’ve seen on social media. And they expect to see up-to-date current decorating ideas, not worn out furniture or clutter.

Now, you’re probably asked herself, how much money can I make by staging my home? According to the National Association of Realtors for every hundred dollars invested in staging is yielding a $400 return. So that’s a four-time return on your investment for making a couple of subtle changes in your home to make it more inviting to your potential buyers. Also, according to the Association of Realtors 71% of sellers agents believe that a well-staged home increases the dollar value that a buyer is willing to offer on that property. While staging your home may seem like it adds additional stress, but it actually has a lot of benefits.

By decluttering your home, your buyers are able to more easily envision themselves living in your home. Staging your home is about making your home desirable to a diverse group of potential buyers To do this, a seller must be willing and able to spend time, money and to make their home more desirable. Now, on average people spend about $1800 to stage a home. However, the price does range between 200 to over $7,000 depending on how desirable you want to make your home. The main factor of cost is going to be if you stage the home yourself, or if you hire a professional to do it. Depending on the amount of change that needs to be done for your home to stage and sell, your amounts are going to vary for how much you’re gonna actually pay. But most of the time in the long run it’s definitely worth the investment.

So now I’m sure you’re wondering, how do I stage my home? Well, I’m gonna give you some tips on how to do that. So, number one, is you want to manage clutter. Make sure that you’ve cleaned up all the additional clutter in your house, taken out any additional furniture pieces that you don’t need, that’s going to help make the room appear larger. And just remember if all else fails, put the clutter in the garage until the home sells.

Now the next tip is to group your furniture, away from the walls into conversational groups. This makes the flow of the room a little bit more clear and also makes the room more inviting. Also you know you want to move furniture around. You know, give it a new feel and who knows you may actually not want to move after you’ve staged your home.

You also want to paint rooms to make them look bigger. Now if you have two rooms that are adjacent, say like a kitchen and a dining room, and maybe they’re little on the smaller side, you wanna paint both of them the same color to give the room a more open feel. If you have a room in your home that only collects clutter, repurpose it to something that will impact the buyer. This way, it’ll let the buyer know and see the usefulness of all the rooms in your home.

The lighting is also a huge part of staging. Well lit rooms make it really nice to walk into and welcoming. Now most homes are not well lit. Professional stagers recommend three different types of lighting for your staging. You have your accent lights, which are your table lamps, or wall lamps. You have your tasks, which are your reading lamps or under-cabinet lamps and ambient lights, which are your general overhead lighting.

You also wanna use neutral and appealing colors. If you’re considering painting your home for staging make sure you paint your home in neutral colors. Bold colored walls seem to bring a lower price offers due to the buyers being distracted. You want it to be serene and inviting. So using softer colors in the bedroom will put your potential buyers at ease when viewing your home. You also want to declutter your closet so that you can show off the storage space which is usually pretty high on a buyers priority list.

Next, you want to vary your wall hangings. Most sellers insist on putting their pictures on an invisible line. Again what most stagers recommend is actually varying or staggering the actual pictures to break up the monotony on the wall and actually show off more of your space.

Next is accessories. Accessories can really pull a room together and attract buyers. When decorating your room, make sure that you’re grouping in odd numbers. Usually three is more attracted to the eye. Make sure that when you’re using accessories that you’re grouping by shape, texture or color for maximum effect.

Exchange old for new. If new cabinets are not in the budget, try replacing the drawers and drawer fronts and giving it new hardware. Also, add a fresh coat of paint so everything matches.

Make sure you finish your unfinished projects. Unfinished projects tend to turn buyers away. So make sure that all of your projects are completed before you even list your home.

Decorate your bathroom. Stagers recommend putting out rolled towels, candles and baskets to make your bathroom look more polished. Also consider hiring professional painters to paint your tile to make the bathroom look brand new.

Hopefully you found these staging tips helpful today. If you have any additional staging tips, leave a comment below and don’t forget to click on the link down below in the description for your free copy of my guide on How To Prepare Your Home for sale.

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