Living In Kitsap County WA

Today. I’m going to tell you the five things I love, and the five things I hate about living in Kitsap County, Wa. and we’re starting right now.

Hey everyone. Welcome back to my channel. I’m Ledeana with Homes by Strand, and RE/MAX Town and Country in Port Orchard, Wa. If you are new here, consider subscribing to my channel by clicking that little bell notification down below because I talk about a lot of really cool stuff related to Kitsap County, and if you’re going to be living here, I’m sure you want to know about it. Well, today I’m going to talk about five reasons I love living here and five things I’m not so excited about, so let’s get started.

Let’s start with the bad ones first. Number one, the winters. There’s no way to like pussy foot around this issue. The winters here can seem very long, and grey! Winter sometimes feels like it is never going to end, because we have months of grey weather. Some people think that it rains here all the time, which is not necessarily true, but I think it gets that reputation because of how grey it is all winter long. But thankfully the silver lining is that we do have very mild winters comparatively speaking. We usually have very little snow, and the temperatures stay pretty mild. Not counting this last winter where we had record snow fall, and a low temperature of 10 degrees, which is just about unheard of here.  But the spring and summer definitely make up for it. There is no other place more beautiful in spring and summer than here, I may be a little bit biased as I have lived in the pacific Northwest my whole life… but… it is beautiful! And we do have true seasons here. And even the rain we do get is less than what other cities get even up farther north from us.

Number two is the cost of living, it is definitely more expensive to live here than other places, it is not as high as say San Diego, San Fransisco, New York or Washington D.C. But things like rent is really high, and housing prices are on the high side as well. Which can make housing affordability difficult in some cases. Taxes can also tend to be on the high side. But we are still way lower than King County, which is Seattle.

Number three, is the cell phone reception can be hit or miss, and very sketchy in some areas, you would have thought that the major cell phone carriers would have caught up to us by now, and because we are so close to seattle, it wouldn’t be an issue, but it can be.

And number four, is the public transportation system. I think the county could do more as far as buses, etc. Again, being close to seattle, we do have people moving here that do commute to seattle every day, and we are really lacking in the public transportation system, we need more buses, and extended routes, etc.

And number 5. We are in the earthquake zone. Every place has its own risk of natural disasters, and for us, they have always said we are due for the the “big one”. Just something to keep in mind when moving here, and maybe think about taking out an extra insurance policy on your home, in the event of an earthquake.

So now let’s move on to the five things I love about living in Kitsap County. Number one, has to be the beauty. It is one of the only places that I know where you can go to the mountains, the ocean, and the river all in one day! Because of that we have great places to snow ski, hike, and enjoy all the water activities. Washington is called the Evergreen state for a reason. And again, we are not far from Seattle, which of course is nicknamed the Emerald city. It is just beautiful and green here!

Number two, is the location. Pretty much no matter where in Kitsap county you live, you are close to a ferry, that will take you across the water to Seattle, or Everett, and get you over to the other side. So, if you commute to work, or you just want to be able to spend the day in Seattle to do some fun things like Pike Place Market, or the big wheel or enjoy one of the fine restaurant or one of our great sporting event, go seahawks! Sorry, I am a big fan as you can tell. But in all seriousness,  Our location allows for that with ease.

Number three, is the weather system. We have a pretty mild weather system here. 90 degrees in the summer time is really hot for us, and if it gets that hot, its usually only for a day or two. And again, our winters are usually mild as well, with very little snow fall. And when it does snow, it typically doesn’t last very long.

Number four, is the economy. Because of all the military bases, and the fact that we are not far from Seattle, and the other side where Microsoft and Amazon are located, We have a very strong economy here. It’s not too difficult to find employment.

And number 5, last but not least. I love that we are only about 2.5 hours from eastern Washington, where it seems it is always sunny and there are really warm temperatures, and it’s a great place to be on the water. And there some fun places to enjoy, like Moses Lake, and lake Chelan. We have a boat, and we love being able to enjoy the water. And I love lakes!

Hey, I had a few things that are not perfect about Kitsap County, but come on. Every place has its pros and cons. Are you thinking of moving to the Kitsap County area? If you click down below, you can head on over to my website and search for all of the homes that are currently for sale in your own price range. I promise I’m not going to bug you and hound you. Do just let me know if there’s anything that I can assist you with. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you on the next one.

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