The 6 Essential Tips to Selling Your Home Fast and For the Most Profit!

Everyone wants to sell their home fast and for the most money, right? Hi, it’s Ledeana with Homes by Strand, and I wanna share with you six great tips to help you do just that. And I’m gonna go into further detail on each one in upcoming videos. Number one, get a professional home inspection. It is really important to fix health and safety issues first. Two, get your home appraised by a licensed certified local appraiser who knows the area. Three, get your home staged or do semi-staging both inside and out. Four, require the buyer to have a TBD underwritten approval or, at a minimum, a desktop underwritten, never just a prequalification letter. Number five, have all disclosures in hand prior to going on the MLS. And number six, be as flexible as possible with showing and have the home show-ready. These six tips will help you ensure you maximize your investment when selling your home. Keep a look out for more details on each of these tips. And if you know anyone this video would help, please share it with them. And as always, please like and comment below. And remember, when you do what you love, people love what you do.


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