The 3 Detailed Essentials To Selling Your Home!!

Hi, Ledeana with Homes by Strand. Let’s go ahead and get started. Number one. Always require the buyer to have a TDB underwritten approval or a minimum a desktop underwritten. Never just a pre-qualification letter. This ensures that the underwriter has already seen the entire file and approved it. They’ve seen and approved things like the buyers taxes, W-2s, they’ve verified employment and seen the bank statements, et cetera. By doing this, you take the risk out of a buyer falling out of escrow because they truly do not qualify for your home.

Number two, always have your disclosures in hand prior to going on the MLS. Not only does it save you time and money, but it lessens the chance of buyers remorse or fallout because it keeps buyers away who may have any issues with anything in the disclosures.

Number three. Be as flexible as possible with showings and always make sure that your home is show ready. You want your home sold so you need to make sure that it’s available to be seen as often as possible. Don’t give the buyer the opportunity to fall in love with another home when they could’ve fallen in love with yours. Believe it or not, most buyers stop looking when they think they found the one. If you like any more information or any more of my tips on how to sell your home fast or for more money, click the link below and download my free PDF and tutorial. If you have anyone that this video would help, please like, share and comment below. And make it a great home buying and selling day.

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