Thinking Of Selling Your Kitsap County & Surrounding Area Area House Yourself Or Going With A Limited Service Agent?

Even in a seller’s market like Kitsap County & Surrounding Area, it’s smart to look at your options and see what will actually help you best reach your goals with the sale of your Kitsap County & Surrounding Area house. It’s important to know your options when selling a house. Dive in and learn the differences when you hire Homes By Strand, sell yourself, or a cut-rate limited service agent.


                 Working with Homes by Strand                For Sale by Owner                    Cut-Rate Agents        

Time To Sell:  Lower average days on market (under 50) Studies show selling yourself adds on average 20+ days to the time to sell the house** Depends on how comprehensive the service is to help market and negotiate the home
Typical Sales Price: Houses sell for 13% higher prices* when working w/ a broker vs. FSBO 13% less* than an experienced agent is able to negotiate Depends if their service includes full negotiation services or not
Marketing Costs: $0 – We pay for all marketing and do all of the marketing work $500 – $2,000+ in ads, yard sign, and more. $500 – $2,000+ in ads, yard sign, and more.
Types Of Marketing Included: MLS listing, professional yard sign, our team of buyers agents, featured online listings, open house if necessary, and more!  None. You’ll need to purchase all of your marketing separately. MLS, other marketing usually extra
Time Commitment From You:  Very little. We want this to be as hands off as possible for you so you can enjoy the process. 3-5+ hours per week including showing the house, open houses, marketing, putting out signs, etc. 3-5+ hours per week including showing the house, open houses, marketing, putting out signs, etc.
Fees / Commissions:  Competitive commission structure. But we save you time, headache, and stats show we can help you sell for a higher price vs. FSBO $100-$1,000 for materials and FSBO website listings. Flat fee or reduced commission for reduced services and assistance.
Legal / Contract / Advice:  100% included. We handle all of the contracts, documents, setting up escrow and closing, and more! We worry about the details so yo can relax. You are responsible for all contracts, escrow, and legal details to ensure the closing happens correctly and legally. Not always included, when it is it may be limited. Ask the agent what they include and will not include.

At the end of the day we always advise our clients to put a value to your time and energy that it will take to sell a local Kitsap County & Surrounding Area, WA house yourself. If it takes you 30 hours of your time (at minimum) and you value your time, that alone is thousands of dollars in real value, not to mention the lost time. Add up the research showing how a full service agent who is experienced in local Kitsap County & Surrounding Area real estate can help sell your house on average 20 days faster and for 13% more, and that’s why 89% of home sellers work with a local real estate broker like Homes By Strand to help you sell your home.

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Less Hassle, More In Your Pocket, Peace Of Mind…

When selling your Kitsap County & Surrounding Area WA house, make your decision on what’s right for you based on these 3 important factors.

  1. The true costs: Often times people look at the commissions for an agent as a necessary evil to sell your home. But, when you partner with the right Kitsap County & Surrounding Area real estate agents, that agent is the expert in your corner to protect your best interests. If a property takes longer to sell, a buyer backs out, you misstep because of a mistake in the contract that could cost you money, paying buyers agent commissions… all of those things add up to the true cost of selling your house.
  2. Your time commitment: Do you want to be (and have the time to be) heavily involved in all aspects of selling the house? From marketing, to taking calls from buyers, to showing the house, doing your own open house, putting signs outside, to setting up escrow, and more? All so you can save 2 or 3% on the sale. Just calculate what your time and energy is worth and where you should best focus your time. If you’d rather not hassle with the details of your house sale, work with a trusted agent like Homes By Strand.
  3. The “experience factor”: There are hangups that can throw your closing off or cost you thousands. I help you avoid those and we deal with them for you.

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My husband and I are very lucky to have found Ledeana to work with. In our initial conversations with Ledeana we gave her a detailed list of "must haves" and "wish list" items. Within 2 weeks she guided and helped us find a house in Poulsbo that met almost all of our criteria. No small feat!
She has been a wealth of knowledge about the area and local referrals. We would highly recommend her if you are looking for property in Kitsap.

Pat J.
Ledeana, point blank, is an exceptional agent (and a valuable YouTuber who provides insightful videos on the area if you’re purchasing from outside the state)! She goes above and beyond to help her clients find the best homes that suit their unique needs. As out of state buyers from California, we were in a unique position, but Ledeana was able to provide us with personalized attention and support throughout the process. She’s not one of these cookie-cutter agents who pushes and is deceitful on times to buy, just looking for a commission, which we really appreciated.

One of the things that impressed me most about Ledeana was her patience and attentiveness. She took the time to understand our needs and preferences, and then worked tirelessly to find properties that met those criteria. She’s honest, and was always available to answer questions and provide guidance, which helped to make the entire process smooth and stress-free.

Another thing that I appreciated about Ledeana was her deep knowledge of the local real estate market. She was armed with up-to-date data on properties and market intel. This allowed us to make informed decisions about which properties to pursue, and how much to offer.

Furthermore, Ledeana's expertise in pricing was incredibly valuable. She helped us to avoid overpaying in this market by recommending feasible prices for the properties were interested in. She truly put our best interests at heart and provided us with valuable guidance and advice throughout the process.

Overall, Ledeana is an outstanding real estate agent who truly cares about her clients. She goes above and beyond to provide personalized attention and support, and her deep knowledge of the market is truly impressive. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent, whether in Kitsap County or beyond
Justin T.
Ledeana Strand is the ultimate professional realtor! We have moved over a dozen times in our married life, due to working for IBM, and Ledeana is truly THE BEST realtor we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We are moving from TX to WA and Ledeana has made the move effortless. She sent us listings for over 2 years and when we finally decided on a property, Ledeana has made it the EASIEST event ever. She knows people in the industry, from inspectors, lenders, insurers, etc., anyone neeed to facilitate your move. I have already recommended her to others, and she would be my first choice if I ever move again. If you're looking for the BEST realtor, Ledeana Strand should be your choice!
Louie M.
I am thrilled to have this opportunity to tell the world about Ledeana Strand and her fantastic Real Estate services. As a California resident, I wanted to move to Gig Harbor for part-year enjoyment. Last fall, I expressed my thoughts to Ledeana in a phone call -- giving her a glimpse into what I imagined to be my dream life and home surroundings … and my budget. Over the months, Ledeana kept me apprised of market opportunities, each time patiently listening to my responses. When she called one morning to tell me the perfect home had just come to market, I knew I could trust her judgement! Resourceful in every way possible. within hours she’d arranged a showing for my relative who lived in the area, followed in quick succession by multiple interactions with competing brokers and offers. The short escrow period has gone smoothly with Ledeana immediately on top of every requirement, communicating with every team involved. I feel so blessed to be working with Ledeana and can hardly wait to meet her and move into my new home!
Peggy M.
Ledeana was a pleasure to work with during the sale of our home. She was quick to respond to questions/concerns whether they be by email, text, phone or in person. She is prompt, knowledgeable and answered all questions we had. If she needed affirmation she would contact other agents to confirm details which is always a good thing for the client. We will definately recommend Ledeana to family and friends.
Ledeana's 5 star reviews are not in any way a fluke. First and foremost - she will give you unbiased advice on a home as if she were buying it for herself. That, in my opinion, is enough to justify a 5 star review. But she goes above and beyond. As a first time home buyer and as someone out of state, there's a lot of things I didn't know and a lot of pressure that could have been added in, but Ledeana made sure I was informed every step of the way, available always, knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest tech and information. With Ledeana you are in good hands knowing that she isn't trying to get a sale - she is truly trying to get you a good home.
Matt W.
Ledeana was amazing. From her initial watching for a property that met some strict criteria, and calling out when she found one, to helping ensure we were successful getting this highly desirable home beating out many other offers, to helping getting us thru all the inspections and finally getting us contacts for the many services we needed; all the while responding very quickly to our numerous calls and requests. Truly outstanding. Highly recommend!
Ian M.
Just AWESOME! Ledeana made this while nerve racking process so smooth, so exciting. She always took the time to explain and reassure and answer my sometimes dumb questions (and I had some doozies!). Can't recommend her enough!!!!!!!!!! She's amazing!
Jamie C.
Ledeana Strand is a TRUE professional and an AMAZING realtor. Over the years we have moved over a dozen times because my hubs worked for IBM. Ledeana is THE BEST OF THE BEST. She is not happy unless you are happy. She puts you in touch with everyone you need to close on your property. While looking at property (which we did from LONG distance) she took measurements, and videos of the property for us. Supplied us with all the pertinent information on the property, and answered my too many to count questions so calmly and nicely!!! She is determined that you will be happy through the entire process, and if you are not, she is not happy and she will find a solution. I will recommend her to everyone and anyone I know seeking information on the area in WA state that she works in. Do not hesitate to call Ledeana. You will be so happy this person is taking care of you!
Linda M.
Ledeana has been amazing! So positive, so thorough and helpful in every way! A+A+A+
Kellie Huggins
" My spouse and I would like to say that we appreciate the wonderful service that was provided to us by Ledeana and her staff. We are relocating to Silverdale from over 1400 miles away. The start date for new jobs and moving made it impossible to travel to Silverdale to shop for a new home prior to relocating. Ledeana and Katie went well above and beyond to help us find and purchase a new home from a distant. They stayed with us through every step and made our experience as worry free as possible. We could not have done it without their help. Thank you Ladies for making our move so much easier than we could have imagined. "
Charles H.
My husband and I were looking into the Kitsap Area as a potential place to buy a home. I came across Ledeana's youtube channel "Living in Western Washington" and I am glad I did. It was so informative and once I reached out she was quick to be such a great help in helping my husband and I get a feel for the kitsap area as we lived in a completely different state. A few months later and we found our dream home! Ledeana was quick to get us a video tour of the home the day we inquired about it and we were able to put in an offer the next day! My husband and I really appreciate the time and effort Ledeana took to help us find our forever home. Thank you so much!
Salina Soto
Ledeana is an AMAZING agent. Extremely warm, open, upbeat, friendly, and easy to work with, but also works hard for you behind the scenes and is adept at navigating the Kitsap county (and surrounding areas) housing market.

In the current hyper competitive housing market, Ledeana was exactly who I needed to help me keep my spirits high and find the right home.
We are experienced home buyers, but we have never been in a market like this before. We highly recommend using Ledeana Strand as your agent if you are looking to buy on the Kitsap Peninsula! Buying a home is incredibly competitive now, and Ledeana has given us honest, fair, and clear advice from the very beginning. In spite of everything, she helped us find a home that suited our needs perfectly, and most importantly, she responded quickly to every request, from the first showing to the final walkthrough. If not for Ledeana, I am sure we would still be out there searching. She is awesome!
Ledeana is a fantastic Real Estate Broker and we knew it before we even met her. We came upon her You Tube videos a year before we planned to move to Washington state. She gave so much good information on the housing market that prepared us. When we did finally met Ledeana she was kind, easy to work with and has an infectious laugh ??. She took use to view homes in two counties before finding and successfully negotiating our offer. During the escrow process she is always readily available to answer all our questions. If you’re in need of a skillful and dedicated Realtor, we recommend you consider Ledeana Strand
Jill Marone
I simply can't say enough about Ledeana. she is an amazing realtor, very helpful and knowledgeable. during these crazy uncertain times with covid-19 Ledeana was was able to draw an amazing amount of interest in our home. in a meer 48hrs her marketing generated 20+ showings, 3 offers all over asking price!!! we accepted an offer in just 48hrs and still had to cancel 10+ showings. Ledeana's marketing strategy is impeccable. my family and I can't thank Ledeana enough.
Nikolas CP
Ledeans was absolutely amazing and made the process so nice. She is so knowledgeable and helped with any questions and stayed in constant contact with us. I feel super blessed to have her on our side through this process. I would suggest my friends and family to her.
Bobbe Eloph
We couldn't have been in better hands looking for our first home in Washington. Ledeana has been such a pleasure to work with throughout the highs and lows of buying in Kitsap County. If you are looking to move in the area, you will definitely want to start off on the right foot with a great agent, and that's what we are so thankful for in our situation. Finding homes can be difficult, and the market is extremely hot in the area, so temper your expectations. With all that said, after just a few walk throughs over one weekend, Ledeana knew what we were looking for. She advised us over the phone and on video chat while we were many miles away, and her experience gave us the best chances of getting the home we wanted. While we are in escrow for the perfect home for us, I cannot recommend her HIGHLY ENOUGH. It's 2020. If you are still alive, and you want to buy a new home, don't let anything hold you back. What could go wrong? Oh yeah, it's still 2020. Good luck!
Duraglass Westerly
Ledeana was extremely responsive when it came to looking at houses quickly. With the market how it is in Kitsap county area you have to be quick on making a decision and she was a great listener and kind to my concerns. For GREAT customer service I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
Jennifer Strong
As we get closer to closing on our first house we couldn’t thank Ledeana enough for all the help she has given right from the beginning. Ledeana was super Amazing. She literally went above and beyond for my husband and I. She stepped in for us when it was communications between agents, and between her and lender to get all required documents needed to put offers in on houses. Ledeana is very approachable and showed excitement and honesty while working g with us. She’d give her highest and best recommendations which helped us walk away from homes that really were not for us or too overpriced. She helped us every step of the way, which was amazing for us being new to the home buying process. We’d recommend her times 1000 to anyone searching for a agent who genuinely cares about her clients needs/wants.
Rachel Cruz
I appreciated Ladeana's personal desire to help us find our home. She was always available for a viewing and responded quickly to our communications. She took the time to speak to the selling agent and gather information about the houses that we asked to view. Her infectious laugh helped my wife and I to make it through the stress of house hunting. We are very pleased to have had Ladeana help us find and purchase our new home.
Sheri Joule
She provided great advice. Her responsiveness was quick and the listings were excellent in quality. Her overall manner was friendly and professional.
Becke Bowers
Couldn't be happier that we met Ledeana while looking for our first home in Kitsap County, WA. She has been extremely professional, responsive, and calm throughout the entire process. That is much more than I can say for myself. ??. No matter where you are moving from, you will be landing on the right foot if you are lucky enough to have Ledeana on your side.
Very responsive and knowledgeable. As a first time home buyer, Ledeana helped me navigate the competitive Kitsap County real estate market and find a great home. Recommend highly.
Terrence Thornburgh
Thank you for everything! Ledeana is amazing! On top of everything that needs to be done and quickly!! Great communication. So approachable.she has great attention to detail
Ledeana is amazing! She's is very knowledgeable with the entire home buying process. Helped us to navigate through the process. Extremely prompt on answering emails, texts and phone calls. Helped us in any way that she could. Even helping with securing the right mortgage for our home buying needs. I would recommend Ledeana to anyone in a heartbeat! You won't go wrong with her!
To say Ledeana is a joy to work with is truly an understatement. Professionally she is outstanding in her understanding of the market, the processes involved with finding homes and ultimately submitting an offer. These, however, should be what all agents can provide but what made Ledeana exceptional to work with was her sincere desire to meet our needs and expectations in finding a home. We never felt like she had her own agenda in working with us. She always made us feel that our opinions in viewing properties were valid and important. And then there is her wonderful energy, enthusiasm, and infectious laugh that kept our spirits up and continued to make the house search fun! Thanks, Ledeana, you are the BEST!!
Ledeana Strand provided us with all the tools and information we needed to make our home sell smoothly. From the prelisting brochure through the walk-through, marketing and during the sale, she was always available and always had answers for us. Her knowledge of the process, her marketing and her expertise in what helps a house sell are outstanding. We highly recommend Ledeana Strand to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
becke holmes
Ledeana was amazing throughout the whole home buying process! She was very responsive, a great negotiator, and always had positive vibes. When we saw the house on MLS, we messaged her and she was able to give us a tour the very next day! She was knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions, which was a lot considering it was our first home. We would definitely recommend her!!!
Ledeana’s has been taking us out to look for homes for the pass 4 or 5 months. She has always stopped and showed us any property when we asked. She made us feel like we were, the most important clients. She just found us the perfect spot on a lake. We never felt like we were pressured to buy any of the properties.
We have been working with Ledeana for over a year looking for a house to buy. We have a medically challenged brother my husband and I take care of,so we had many challenges of the type of home we could look for. One was found and she has been great,she never gave up. We have worked with several agents but Ledeana has been the best out of all of them. We recommend her very highly.
Ledeana is wonderful! My husband and I are making a move to Poulsbo from another state. We have both flown out in separate occasions and Ledeana made sure that we were able to see all the homes we were interested in. She is professional, works hard and it shows that she loves her job. She is very familiar with all of the surrounding areas and took the time to show us around town. I don’t know what we would have done without her. She is warm, kind and amazing at her job! Thank you Ledeana!
Flawless! My experience with Ledeana has been easy and problem free from the moment we met and when it came time to make the deal she was present, supportive, informed, responsive, professional, and simply awesome!! I highly recommend her. I'll even be recommending her to strangers in the supermarket checkout line. She was fabulous from the word go!!
gutierrez c
Extremely helpfull, easy to get ahold of and great to work with!!! was able to get me in to see houses almost any time of day despite my weird schedule
She was very nice and easy to work with. We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an agent. She will listen to what you are looking for and is very good about keeping in touch. We have not found a place yet but we are trusting that she will be a good and fair negotiator when we do.
I can't say enough about how great it is to work with Ledeana. She was my realtor when I bought my home and I didn't consider using anyone else when I put it on the market. She is experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, easy to work with - and a real go-getter when it came to getting me the offer I wanted most. Both during the purchase and sale of my home, it has been fantastic (trouble-free) working with her. She is a true professional who cares about her client's needs, and wants. I highly recommend her. She is simply Great to work with!!
Cecilia Gutierrez
Was a pleasure to work with Ledeana. She made the process of buying a home smooth and easy. Could not have picked out a better realtor. She has very informative videos on YouTube if your thinking about moving to Kitsap county or Washington in general! Not many realtors do this so I was super pleased to find a realtor who knew a lot about the area and could answer any question we had. She works hard and responds fast! Definitely recommend.
Lisa Carra
Ledeana is very knowledgeable about the western Washington market and helped us quickly zero in on our desired location. She also helped us know what we needed to do to compete in a very tough market. Her youtube channel is also super helpful if you're not quite ready to move forward yet. We highly recommend Ledeana!
Daniel Perry
Ledeana was beyond amazing! Check out her videos on YouTube with great information about moving to Kitsap County (that's how we got to know her first!)

It's not easy to do house hunting after making a cross-country move, but Ledeana made it painless even in this highly competitive market. She was very patient throughout the process, especially considering we started building relationships with her a year before our move. She listened and understood our wants and needs. She had house specs printed out and a notepad for us to take notes during our house hunting. She went to bat for us during the offer process by keeping in close contact with the listing agent to understand what the seller is looking for. Without her personal skill and attention, we surely wouldn't have gotten the house...key in this ultra-competitive time.

She also helped secure a very detailed house inspector for pre-inspection a day before the offer is due. Can't stress this enough, she is an advocate for her clients and did not steer us wrong in many aspects of the process. All the people she recommended, including the loan officer, have been amazing, just as she is. She is very knowledgeable about the area, her job, and she loves her profession.

We love working with Ledeana, gladly recommend her to anyone, and are looking forward to future endeavors with her!
Bayu Prakosa
My husband found Ledeana's videos on YouTube and really liked all the information she shared, so we decided to use her as our agent when moving to WA from out of state. She has been great from the start. She talked to us via Zoom while out of state and was very accomodating to meet with us when we came in to town to visit. She shared valuable knowledge and asked valuable questions to help us figure out what we were looking for and to understand the process. She has helped us each step of the way to feel comfortable in the sometimes daunting task of finding a home. I feel like she has had our best interest at heart and is excellent at communication. We are now under contract with a home and I'm so glad we have been in good hands.
Stacy & Jeremy Johnson
Ledeana is fantastic to work with. As a first time homebuyer who just moved to WA, she provided honest, thorough, and valuable information on the current home buying/selling market. Ledeana is very proactive to help her clients find the right home. We found a home within our budget and timeline fairly easily with her help. Highly recommend!
Olivia Gonzales
I can't say enough about Ledeana Strand!!! We are from out of State, my husband saw her YouTube video reference the PNW areas, pros and cons of living in certain locations. We reached out to her to let her know we would be in the area looking to purchase a home. Anytime we reached out, whether it be via phone, text or email, her response was immediate. Ledeana's knowledge and guidance is truly of an experienced Realtor. She never made us feel like we were bothering her with our requests and questions, she is down to earth and amazingly helpful and resourceful. Within a few days, we found a house and her response to helping with the purchasing process was so smooth. She also showed us many houses, prior to finding the one we liked, without complaint. She is a positive and upbeat person with the utmost honesty and integrity. I have used many realtors in my life time and I would put her as the BEST REALTOR I have ever worked with!!! I highly recommend her. Thanks so much Ledeana!!
Karen Ortega
I have bought and sold a few homes over the years and never have had a harder working or more professional Agent than Ledeana Strand. I have other friends that are Agents and Ladeana is the only Agent that I will work with.
Keith Delgado
As we figured out that we wanted to move and began to plan an out-of-state transition, this could have been a very scary time as the housing market is insanely competitive and unpredictable these days. Thank goodness we engaged Ledeana as our real estate agent. We spent some rather intense weeks trying to find the right home in the right place in a new state. Our success was extraordinary and we owe it to Ledeana. She's not only a no nonsense, brilliant strategist but is the most responsive agent ever and just a down right lovely person as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I really mean that!
Rory Bakke
Ledeana and Kathi were fantastic. Ledeana worked with us in the months leading up to our move to Washington - checking in and staying connected until we were ready to start looking at houses. She and Kathi were responsive throughout the process, and spent a lot of time with us as we shopped around. We especially appreciated Kathi's expertise with construction and inspections. We didn't expect that we'd find a home so quickly - Ledeana and Kathi made the process easy and seamless. We highly recommend them!
Kristin S.
Being from California and moving to the Silverdale, WA area was quite daunting. However, with Ledeana's great experience and guidance we were able to find a great home that suited our family's needs within a month!

Ledeana and her team understand the area and offered great insight into structural and landscaping issues that all factored in to finding a great home within our budget.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a home in Western, WA. She is truly a great agent.
Neil S.
Ledeana and her team were fantastic to work with! Exceeded our expectations in every way. We’d highly recommend them!
Deloris Lund
Ledeana was an absolute pleasure to work with, always so upbeat and positive. My needs were a bit odd and very specific.... took months but in the end she found the home of my dreams.
Michael R.
New to the area and purchasing a home in the area. We were unfamiliar with many of the areas in Washington State. We were referred to Ledeana and crew because of their familiarity in the area we were looking for a home. Ledeana and Kathi were very receptive to what we were looking for and constantly provided us with a list of homes. Once we requested a showing, sometimes on very short notice, they were more than accommodating. They were so familiar with the area it made our search so much easier. They were prepared at each showing and provided us with the information that we needed in order to make an informed decision. Once we found a home the process was painless. They kept on top of the process and made sure that any questions we had were quickly addressed. I would highly recommend Ledeana and her staff to anyone who is looking for a home in Western Washington.
Kim L.

I have purchased two house from Ledeana! Both sales were closed on time and without an hassle. I would recommend Ledeana to anyone buying a new house.
Wayne K.
Through every step of the process, Ledeana was there for us. She was accessible, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her if you are a first-time home buyer.
Zack C.
"Ledeana is absolutely amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and honest, which really helped make a stressful experience of purchasing our first home a pleasant one. She provided us with high quality recommendations of lenders and inspectors in the area, both were equally as amazing to work with and helped make the entire process go quickly and smoothly. We can't thank her enough for helping us find our perfect home!"
Amy G.
"Ledeana and Kathi worked together to help me find the perfect home. Coordinating with all the other people like the lender and escrow, they communicated with me regularly and professionally. I’m extremely happy and would recommend them to anyone looking to move to Washington."
Megan O.
Homes by Strand is amazing if you're looking for a house in the Bremerton area. Ledeana (and Kathi) were over the top helpful with our home purchase. Most of our communications were from the other side of the country, but you would never have known. A truly awesome experience!!
Nathan W.
Ledeana was able to get us the home we wanted, at the price we wanted, and coordinate the timing so we could depart the old house one day, and move into the new house the next day. Very seemless operation for a series of complex transactions. She could nail jello to the wall!!
Joe D.
Ledeana is the best realtor! She made the whole home buying process smooth and simple. Highly recommended!
Karen H.
We unexpectedly had to move internationally and had very little
Time to spare on our purchase . Ledeanna moved quickly to help us find a home. She accommodated the huge time difference between us, she gave thorough evaluations of the homes, and she was honest in every aspect of the property. Ledeana is also detail oriented and forward thinking especially when it came to showings. She even sent us videos of the surrounding area and neighborhood . We found our home very quickly, it happened fast! Ledeana also set us up with a wonderful lender, she has great business connections even down to who we used for our inspection. We trusted her opinions and referrals. She answers every question and responds quickly, an all around great realtor to do business with and we appreciate her hard work
Desiree E.


2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, National Association of REALTORS®)

** Both the Northwestern and the Stanford studies mentioned in the Money section confirm just that: “The use of a broker does lead to an accelerated sale. In that respect, brokers appear to add value,” the Stanford researchers declared. The Northwestern study found that it takes on average 20 days longer to sell a house on a FSBO site versus the MLS or an agent.

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